THE DAPPER MAN’S CLASSICS – This discerning  selection of jewellery and accessories can feasibly offer possibilities of finesses and gentlemen-ness for the modern man.  Dandyism may be unfashionable to some, however,  a man concerned with exacting accessories presents a stylish vision of a refined man.

one – A Wrist Watch. A lot may be said about a man and his chosen watch. The marketing gurus at the super watch brands have categorized their demographic man and appeal to certain types of men.  Briefly,   FROM-MY-DIAMOND-EYE,   there is the Tag Heuer man – the young ambitious professional, generally the equivalent to the ‘BMW man’.    The Rolex man – his watch is the common signifier of “I am a successful man”, man.    And then you have the Patek Phillipe  genteel man – sophisticated and established,  walking the pavements of Belgravia.  The Bremont man – the quintessential Britophile  of heritage and craftsmanship. Relishing in the exclusivity of limited edition watches (which incorporate oak timber and copper from the HMS Victory vessel).  And then you have the Panerai man – an ‘international man‘ and aficionado of watches. The Panerai watch is sometimes referred to as the connoisseurs’ watch.  Admired for its’ minimalist design, solid construction and luminescent performance in the dark or night-time. I am fairly certain the list goes on. Wherever you are in the world,  you are guaranteed to start a conversation with the simple question, “Is that a Panerai?“.

FROM-MY-DIAMOND-EYE,  whether you prefer a quartz movement or a mechanical movement; manual or automatic. The watch should be well constructed, have the highest level of practical performance and be aesthetically pleasing. And of course, one which is suited to your lifestyle, versatile enough to wear with a shirt and jacket and also a polo shirt. My top pick is this sleek Panerai Luminor Marina.


two – A Dress Watch. Minimal and refined is what a formal watch should be. There are some well maintained vintage watches on the market. One of the best places to find them is at auction houses, where you may have a watch expert or a horologists whom may advise on the condition of the watch and any repair or maintenance work to be done. For MR-DIAMOND-EYE’s recent birthday, at Fellows auctioneers  I came across one of the most beautiful vintage watch I knew he had considered – a 1960’s 18ct gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch (similar to the one pictured). Unfortunately I was out bid by hundreds of pounds. Therefore, I decidedly chose the next best watch on offer, which was a 1960’s Omega gold watch, which I engraved with his name to mark to the occasion.  MR-DIAMOND-EYE wears the dress watch at black tie events and at dinner jacket occasions. However, I still need to find that one that got away. This  Rolex Oyster Perpetual AirKing  is stylish, timeless and it might just be a worthy contender.


three– A pair of Classic Cuff-links. A pair of classic cufflinks will be useful in times when you least expect it. There are many designs and bar fittings to choose from, except a plain silver or gold pair can suit every type of ensemble. And you may personalised them by engraving your monogram or initials. These Deakin and Francis silver oval-shape cufflinks, with a domed spring link are of good quality.


four – A pair of Dress Cufflinks. Similar to the dress watch, to be worn with your finest attire. These Deakin and Francis pair of 18ct gold cufflinks, designed as carved rock crystal with a diamond collet centre and an onyx border, are impeccably crafted.  Remarkably different to the mother-of-pearl jewellery traditionally worn with dress shirts and dinner jackets. These cufflinks are handsome and are sure to match a black, a navy or even white dinner jacket.

153ea0a3f7a31d.jpgfive – A Signet Ring. The historical significance of signet or seal rings date back to as far back as ancient Egypt, when rings set with a gemstone were cut intaglio (engraved) and impressed seals were used for utilitarian purposes of authenticating documents. The seal rings were later worn ornamentally. Fast forward many millennia and varieties of designs, signet rings are now mainly plain or engraved gold bezel bands or gold bands centred with varieties of gemstones such as quartz  and occasionally set with diamonds. This  18ct gold signet ring from Charles Green – a jewellery company established in 1824 as a manufacturer of signet rings- is distinguished. Crafting fine jewellery for over 190 years, they still offer a seal engraving service complete with a seal wax and presentation box. Or you may have your monogram or initials engraved instead.

signet ring3

six – A Band Ring. For men, a band ring may be worn as a dress ring or as a wedding ring.  Men’s band rings have evolved past the plain silver, gold or platinum bands. The are numerous designs – pattern bands,  diamond-set bands,  bi-colour and bi-metal rings on the market. These pioneering  Charles Green  bi-metal band rings are innovative, they combine two precious metals – palladium and gold – creating new quality designs.
Charles Green & Son

seven – A Tie Slide. Functional and stylish. This mere tie slide on a besuited man elevates him to debonair heights!


eight – A pair of Collar Stiffeners.  Inserted on the underside of a shirt collar to stabilize the collar’s points, ensuring  that the collar lies flat.  Often shirts come with plastic stiffeners which may eventually need to be replaced if they bend. These Theo Fennell silver collar stiffeners will last you a lifetime. An essential part of looking sharp and refined.

collar stiffenersnine – A Proper Pen.  This Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Diamond Legrand ballpoint pen is a simple functioning showpiece, suitable for everyday use.  Made with black resin and platinum-plated fittings, it features a suspended star-cut Mont Blanc emblem diamond. Part jewel and part writing instrument, it is practically elegant. Mont blanc offer an engraving service if you wish to personalised the pen. Another addition to your heirloom collection.


diamond pen2