On the chic streets of leafy Chelsea,  housed in a distinct  Art Deco building is an Artist Jeweller- Theo Fennell.

His jewellery is a collection of magnificent creations- imagined and created by a group of craftsmen, skilled at marrying the splendour of optical and physical characteristics of gemstones, gold and the allegorical mysteries of art.

On a recent visit to London, I went to the Theo Fenell Head Quarters. The lovely lady at the store graciously let me ‘have a play‘ with these amazing jewels.  I awed, I wore and I loved the JEWEL ART.

FROM MY DIAMOND EYE,   these are the master pieces.

Master Rings

kissing_frog_ring copy

 Theo Fennell – 42.66ct Emerald Opening Kissing Frogs Ring

When the ring is opened, incident light from the emerald is  reflected and refracted inside the ring to create glistening spectral colours of  ‘water’ surrounding the two kissing frogs .Ada and Eve4- TF

Theo Fennell – Adam and Eve Ring
TF- selection

Theo Fennell – Over the Rainbow Ring, Emerald Ctiy Ring, The Chinese Secret Garden Ring



Master Brooch
Shaka Zulu

Theo Fennell – Shaka Zulu Brooch

The Great African –  Zulu Leader and Visionary – South Africa


Master Pendants

TF- Pendant selection

Theo Fennell – Celestial Night Pendant- 18ct gold  sapphire and diamond

Magical Dawn Phi Pendant and Cross Pendant  –  18ct gold pink sapphire and diamond

Wild Rose Tryst Pendant- 18ct gold and rose gold and with rose cut  diamond

Key Pendant-  18ct gold pavé-set diamonds