The CLASSICS– these are quintessential jewellery items which will lay the foundation for a lifetime of great jewellery elegance. Eight jewellery items a lady should have or aspire to have in her jewellery box.

one-  A Pair of Diamond Ear Studs. These diamond sparklers brighten up your eyes and face. For an everyday sophisticated sparkle, a one carat round brilliant diamond would be perfect.  However, a pair of good quality one carat diamonds are a considered purchase. I think diamonds graded G-H colour , VS2-SI1 clarity with an excellent cut grade  is a suitable balance between affordability and quality. The G-H colour grade still exhibits a fairly brilliant, bright white hue and the VS2-SI1 clarity has slight inclusions which are not easily visible and do not spoil the beauty nor the durability of the diamond. And finally the diamonds have  to be cut in mathematical ‘ideal’ proportions so that the light interacts with the diamond to exhibit its supreme state of brilliance.

Here is an example of diamonds you should not consider purchasing . These diamonds have profuse white cloudy inclusions, internal fractures which spoil the beauty and possibly the durability of the diamonds.  Essentially they would be a liability rather than an investment.



two-  A Diamond Ring.  Whether it is an engagement ring,  a vintage, modern or an exquisite designer diamond ring you bought yourself. Diamonds embellish any outfit or occasion . Here is the Boodles iconic Waterfall dress ring for inspiration.




three- A Heart-shape Locket or Pendant . This classic motif  embodies femininity and elegance.  You may  choose a plain heart-shape locket, an engraved or one with diamond accents. This superbly crafted  Theo Fennell  diamond pave-set pendant is my modern classic!




four- A String of ‘Classic‘ Pearls. Cultured pearls are the most accessible on the market as natural pearls are extremely rare and very costly.  However, not all cultured pearls are created equal.  To chose your classic string of pearls, look out for a creamy-white body colour with a greyish-pink overtone (orient) or a greyish-green overtone which exhibits a high lustre (shine).  Examine the string for uniformity of the pearl spheres, check that they have a rounded shape, a smooth surface with little or no surface ‘pitting’ and minimal to no ridges. These are Mikimoto Akoya pearls- the best quality pearls from Japan. Mikimoto is the oldest pearl producer and market leader in amazingly beautiful pearl jewellery.

White South Sea Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace

five- A Pair of Pearl Ear Studs.  These Classic. Subtle. Beautiful Mikimoto  Akoya pearl ear studs can be worn everyday.

Classic pearl ear studs

six- A Tennis Bracelet.  A diamond wrist is always a beautiful thing.



seven – A Wrist Watch. You may choose a time piece which is suitable to your lifestyle and if appropriate one which is most suited to casual and occasion outfits.  Investment in a watch that can sustain minor knocks and scratches and most importantly one which keeps reliable time. This Omega Constellation wrist watch, with a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond number accents is one of my favourite watches on the market.

omega watch


eight- A Cocktail Ring.  Choose a statement ring adorned with your favourite coloured gemstone. This Tiffany tanzanite dress ring is a suitable choice for occasional wear because tanzanite has a fair to poor toughness and can easily cleave (fracture) if knocked. Consistent wear can cause general scratches and facet edge abrasion which in turn causes the gemstone to lose its vibrant pleochroic colour and lustre. Additionally, that being said and as a side note, I would advise NEVER to choose tanzanite as a centre gemstone for an engagement ring considering the aforementioned reasons.

cocktial ring