Great Gemmology Books

This is a small selection of gemmology books that are great fountain of knowledge -for the novice, collector and  student of gemmology. To a better understanding of gemmology as a branch of the mineralogy discipline. These books incorporate the geological, scientific and historical significance of diamonds, coloured gemstones and jewellery.


Gemmologists’ Compendium , Robert Webster FGA

An essential book for the gemmologist and student. Loaded with gemmology concepts and definitions for a greater understanding of identifying gemstones.


Gemstones of the World, Walter Schumann

A great book with a great source of gemstone images. A large of catalogue of gemstone crystals and their geological location. Format make it an accessible reference for key facts and information.

Understanding Jewellery, David Bennett & Daniela Mascetti

One of the most influential books in combining scientific information of gemstones,  the art history of jewellery and it’s  social and economical  significance.

An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewellery, Harold Newman


An invaluable source of information about ancient, medieval and modern jewellery of historical significance. A great visual reference to have in your arsenal.